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Lezioni private


Lezioni private


Did you ever want to learn Italian?
Would you like to brush it up?
Would you like to know how to order a delicious Italian dish?
know words of Italian romantic songs?

… but you’ve never had the time!

Keeping in mind your busy schedule and on the basis of many requests received,
we are now offering Private Classes where you can come and learn the Language
at the time suiting your convenience.

You can learn it alone or with your friends in a small group (max. 4 people).
These private classes are being conducted at Italian Cultural Institute by
experienced mother tongue teachers at the address given above.

Should you require more information or any clarification please feel free to
contact us.

Private Class/Small Group


      10 HRS WEEK DAY     10 HRS WEEK END
    20 HRS WEEK DAY      20 HRS WEEK END
1 STUDENT 15,000 18,000 28,000 32,000
2 STUDENTS 18,000 (9,000 each) 20,000 (10,000 each) 32,000 (16,000 each) 34,000 (17,000 each)
3 STUDENTS 21,000 (7,000 each) 24,000 (8,000 each) 36,000 (12,000 each) 39,000 (13,000 each)
4 STUDENTS 24,000 (6.000 each) 28,000 (7,000 each) 40,000 (10,000 each) 44,000 (11,000 each)

Arrivederci e Grazie!

Per ulteriori informazioni potete contattare l’Ufficio Studenti:
Tel.: +91-11-24122695